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single shaft shredders
pubdate: 2016/4/12 9:22:10 popularity: 1337

% Features and application:

Hydraulic pressure feeding,independently driving system,strong structure, running stably.It can crush a large piece of
plastic,feeding conveniently,good output.
The main shaft of the shredder is driving by the gear reducer,running stable, low noise, large torque.
The shredder has PLC program control system,can be automatically running forward and backward and stop,to achieve full
automatic operation of equipment,make the machine running more safely and reliably.
The material of tools:Cr12MoV(Japanese brand SKD-11,American brand D2);The rotating knives adopt "V" type installation
to make the rotating blade running smoothly in the whole working process,reduce energy consumption and noise.Every
rotating blade has 4 cutting knives,can rotated 90 degree after abrasion then keep working;Every fixed blade has 2 cutting
knives,can be rotated 180 degree after abrasion then keep working.The blade on the rotor is removable,easy to clean and
This type of shredder is quite effective to crush the thick and hard material after adopted advanced technology.It can also
crush large plastic pipe,packing drums, forklift pallet,especially for crushing different recycling material (such as plastic,
rubber, wood,etc.) .

% Main Technical Parameter


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