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Double shaft shredder
pubdate: 2016/4/12 9:22:28 popularity: 1337

% Features and application:

Double shaft shredder has two side of blade which is cross distribution,the blade is made by alloy steel,can crush all kinds
of materials.Such as plastic packing drums, rubber tire,big roll plastic film,woven bag,paper, fiber, wood,solid waste, plastic,
waste household appliances,leather,etc.This machine has characteristics of big output, low energy consumption, low noise,
low dust pollution.
This machine can crush the large material, fiber, sheet, pipe, wood, tire, roll film which single shaft shredder can not crush.
The precision thick plate framed composite structure,large angle strong rotation,large diameter solid input hopper are all
make the machine achieve good performance.
The blade has unique design in thickness, shape, sequence.Strong cutting force, sharp blade edge, can crush in high
PLC control system make the machine has forward and backward running function and stop function to protect the machine
when the materials are too big or too much.Perfectly safe running.
Low speed running, low noise, less dust.
The blade is made of special alloy steel, which is strong and durable.


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